3003 H14 and 5052 H32 Sheet: A Product Close-Up from Diversified Ulbrich of Canada

Aluminum sheet is used in a wide variety of applications for its light weight, corrosion resistance and good formability. Two of the most popular grades for commercial applications are 3003 and 5052.

3003 H14 is relatively low in cost and widely available, making it a common choice. It is a non-heat treatable aluminum alloy with moderate strength, excellent formability and good corrosion resistance. H14 signifies the temper. The “H1” portion of the “H14” designating the material was strain hardened (cold worked) and the “4” designates it is half-hard. The main alloying ingredient is manganese which makes it a good choice for spun, formed or stamped parts. It can be easily welded and typical applications for 3003 H14 include:

• Electrical Component Cabinets

• Marine Parts

• Truck, Trailer and Transport Parts

• Storage Tanks

• Doors, Window Frames, Siding and Trim

• Mailboxes

• Fan Blades

5052 H32 is also a non-heat treatable grade with good corrosion, forming and considerably higher strength than 3003 H14. The addition of magnesium makes it an ideal solution for saltwater applications. The “H3” portion of “H32” temper designates that the material is strain hardened (cold worked) and stabilized, while the “2” designates its quarter-hard temper. It can be easily welded and typical applications for 5052 H32 include:

• Trucks, Trailers and Transport Parts

• Marine Parts, Boats, Pontoons and Docks

• Tanks and Pressure Vessels

• Electronic Chassis

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