At Ulbrich, we understand music wire development timelines continue to be reduced. The need for string designers to iterate quickly is accelerating and rarely backed by the supply chain. To better support shortened lead time for production and development at string manufacturers, we have created our Music Wrap Wire Stocking Program.

  • Wire in your hands in 72 hours for stock items, 2-4 weeks for non stock items
  • Product ships within 24 hours of order acknowledgment
  • Your project teams are now able to meet their timelines while incorporating all the design performance characteristics your strings require

Critical Attributes

  • Wrap Quality
  • Tonal Quality
  • Cosmetic Appearance
  • Cleanliness
  • “Feel”
  • Lead Times
  • Pricing

Ulbrich’s Competitive Advantages

  • Wire Roundness – OOR Tolerances
  • Tightly Controlled Width Variation
  • Consistent Physical Properties (Process Controls)
  • In-house Drawing, Rolling, Annealing and Plating
  • Diverse Product Line
  • Inventory Management and Customer Service
  • Packaging Options